I am currently sitting in front of my laptop sobbing at The Biggest Loser on the TV screen behind it. This show seriously aims to tug at the heart strings, and for some reason, this season has been getting to me so far…OK, I’m gaining composure.

I gotta get it together so I can tell you about my VACATION! I won’t give away too many details since I’m sure I’ll do a recap post afterward, but I wanted to share that I’ll be spending 5 days in Orlando with my gal pal and childhood friend (also maid of honor) Brina! We’ll be roaming around Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, and lots of places in between. I can’t wait! This is my first travel adventure since the honeymoon (which wasn’t that long ago), but more importantly, it’s the first time I’ll experience the Pittsburgh International Airport, and certainly not the last.


I’ll leave you with these bits of Awkwardness:
1. Bob Harper, personal trainer of Biggest Loser fame, has to promote Jennie-O turkey, and he is a VEGAN! FYI- former President Bill Clinton also became a vegan.
2. Australian Top Model Host/Judge announced the wrong winner on the live finale!
3. Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell hates on openly gay University of Michigan Student Body President Chris Armstrong. Andrew’s interview is awkward, but his message is also extremely WRONG in my opinion.

More updates to come soon (probably from an airport…)!


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