Food Update; Part 2

I’m back with more foodie goodness! I ended the last post with some fall faves…Well, remember how excited I was to start tasting treats infused with pumpkin? Is this too much:

Thai Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin Curry? I’m not sure if even I’m that adventurous! But I will say that the pumpkin-devoid dish I did eat at Silk Elephant was seriously delicious!

I started off with a refreshing side salad topped with peanut dressing and light & crispy, just-fried-enough spring rolls with plum dipping sauce. I was immediately happy! Did you notice the interesting silverware, too? Very cool, but a little hard to maneuver as it was very top heavy. Next came my main dish- vegetable noodle curry topped with pickled cabbage, onion, and crispy noodles. OMG this was a bowl of goodness. There’s just something about the depth of flavors in Southeast Asian cuisine that makes me VERY happy. I also really appreciated that I got to choose my level of spiciness on a scale of 1-10 (I went with 4) rather than mild, medium or hot. I usually go for mild+ so I was right on track with a ‘4’. This had the perfect level of spice for me. AND I could have ordered every single dish on the menu! Everything came with an option of chicken, beef, seafood, tofu, and sometimes vegetable. It was ridiculous! I’m not used to so many choices. I can’t wait to go back and try the Pad Thai. I haven’t had that in a while!

….Have I ever told you about The Headkeeper? Well, you should really know about this lovely restaurant on the southern end of Main Street in Greensburg, PA. They have a selection of over 700 beers and offer tapas style dining. Yes, you read correctly: SEVEN HUNDRED BEERS! Hubs and I just stumbled upon this restaurant when we were first searching for a place to call home in the Pgh area, and we are certainly glad we ended up at The Headkeeper! Our first time around, I enjoyed “balsamic marinated grilled veggies drizzled with basil pesto and balsamic reduction.” My favorite is the “flash fried calamari tossed in sweet chili sauce served with Asian cucumber slaw” (if you eat seafood, which I occasionally do). Doesn’t all of that sound amazing?! This time, I was a little disappointed in my salad:

This was tossed with an Asian-style sesame dressing and different kinds of fruit, topped with rice noodles. It was light and tasty, but not very filling for $11. That’s probably a good thing because I had a pumpkin beer alongside it! And you might be able to make out Hubs’ 3 giant BBQ ribs in the background…he’s a boy who likes his meat! I got this salad because I wanted to try the different veggie options on the menu, but next time I’ll stick with something hot, especially since we dined outside on a chilly evening. That’s what’s so nice about this place…they have a HUGE patio where most of the seating is, with well placed space heaters, too! And it’s a good thing there are SO many beers to choose from to keep my belly warm! For the one beer or so I drink a month, I’ll dine here 🙂


Previous visit to The Headkeeper

Patio dining area

OK, you’ve seen some salads and main meals, now you know what’s next…DESSERT! Get ready for a feast for your eyes because Hubs and I just indulged in some amazing desserts at our Yom Kippur break the fast dinner over the weekend:


Cookies, cake, brownies, macaroons, OH MY!

Brownie treats from Giant Eagle

There was other food as well, and tasty at that, but did you see all that brownie goodness?! Topped with mini M&Ms, Oreos, Reeses, and freakin’ frosting and balloons?! You gotta be kidding me! The dessert table was outrageous and heavenly all at the same time! My tummy is still happy…probably because Hubs’s family sent us home with half the desserts! I’ve been noshing on this scrumptious burnt almond torte all week from Prantl’s. Oh.Em.Gee. This cake is so amazing that the bakery is famous for it and has their own website just to ship this cake!

Did I mention that I’m a sweets gal 🙂

Sweet dreams for now!



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