I just made about 25 cups of spaghetti sauce!

It was a semi-labor intensive Labor Day for me, but I enjoy making the hubs happy 🙂 This is his favorite spaghetti sauce that his mom’s been making for a long time. Now it’s my turn to attempt to replicate…We’ll see how it goes when he tries some for dinner! It sure smelled like a winner.

This morning was also a treat…pancake breakfast!

Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes with Almond Milk

I use Krusteaz Wheat & Honey Pancake Mix and I really like it because they’re super easy to make (just add water) and very filling! 3 small pancakes loaded with some TJ’s frozen wild blueberries was all I needed. Hubs had 4 without berries…he’s not a fan.

These pancakes powered me through a good grocery store outing to fetch the rest of the ingredients for the spaghetti sauce. On my trip, I found something I had been looking for for almost a year…

Canned Pumpkin!

Besides making great pie, pumpkin is super healthy and filling and very versatile. I’ve seen a lot of recipes on the blogosphere featuring this goodie, only problem is that there has been a shortage of pumpkin for quite awhile and that may last through this fall season as well. I kept looking and searching for this and finally found a gigantic can in the bakery section. Turns out my local Giant Eagle sells the surplus industrial-size cans that the bakery receives. Libby probably won’t even make canned pumpkin to sell to us lowly public folk…but I got my hands on one! I realized when I got home that this picture doesn’t do justice to the size of this behemoth, so here’s a better look:

Face vs. Can

That’s enough to make 8 – 9″ pies! I better get baking…

But for now, I’ll keep enjoying US Open Tennis. It’s the last major of the season…oh how I love my tennis! And this superstar 🙂

My sports love - Roger Federer


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  1. Mom
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 22:52:36

    looks like the right stuff!
    let me know how it freezes –
    hmmm- couldn’t figure out how to find the ‘like’


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