Hi ya! Today was a pretty hot one in the Pittsburgh area. It was very sunny earlier and now it seems to be pretty gloomy…this weather reminds me of Michigan! Anyway, it was hot, but not so unbearable that I couldn’t enjoy some delicious soup during my middle-eastern lunch:

Fattoush salad, red lentil soup & hummus

My ex-Detroiter friend, Jenn, has been introducing me to all kinds of new things, especially yummy restaurants. Today we tried The Mediterranean Grill in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood (a.k.a. my second home). Jenn and I each had our own soup and shared a plate of hummus with pita and the fattoush salad. Everything was delicious and very filling, except for the disappointing pita. It did its job of scooping up the hummus well, but it was thin and a little too chewy. But, did I mention the red lentil soup full of potato chunkies? Yum!

Ok, now that you’re salivating, let’s switch topics. I came across a very interesting article in Marie Claire magazine’s July issue, which sparked the name for today’s blog post. The article is entitled “What If Your Best Friends Are Your Worst Enemies?” and goes into detail about how female friends can sometimes be more of cheerleaders and reinforcers to one another, rather than having their friends’ best interests in mind, even if that means being brutally honest. It goes on to talk about how honesty and straightforwardness among female friends can be misconstrued as jealousy or, most likely, cattiness. I highly suggest reading the article and forming your own opinion.

I bring this up because, as most of my Detroit and already established friends know, I’m pretty truthful and to-the-point. I want the best for my friends and family and that usually means sharing my feelings and what’s on my mind. I will tell a girlfriend when I think a dress looks hideous, and with equal conviction, I will express my excitement over something gorgeous. That’s just the way I’m programmed, and most have accepted that.
But now I’m in a different city, with new surroundings and people who haven’t yet learned my personality and how I “work.” I don’t want to come off catty or mean, but I also have to stay true to myself so new acquaintances can get to know the real me and decide for themselves if they like my no-holds-barred attitude.

Hopefully, by just being me, I can find great friends that like the way I am. And I expect them to treat me the same way, even if it means telling me that my favorite dress is ugly!


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