I heart farmer’s markets. I love that they are popping up all over the place as of late with fresh, mostly local produce as well as other homemade goodies.

What a line! must be a good vendor.

Mmmm Pie!

This morning I got my butt up to visit the Monroeville Farmer’s Market. It runs every Saturday from May-November, but it’s only open from 9am-12:30pm so I knew I would have to be there early. And I was right…did you notice how long the line was for one of the vendors?! And that was at about 9:10am. I’m definitely not used to that…Eastern Market in Detroit is more of a controlled chaos, less about lines and more about speaking loudly & pushing your way through the large summer crowds. Ahhh, I miss Eastern Market. I knew I would because there really isn’t anything here to compare to that historical Detroit establishment…at least, not yet.

To supplement my 2 purchases at the farmer’s market (watermelon for the boy and a bunch of basil for me), I stopped at nearby McGinnis Sisters for more produce.

Every day is a farmer's market!

I LOVE this place! They have fantastic produce and pretty awesome prices for what they offer. And they have this:


What is a Slimcado? Never seen this before...

I’ve never seen this fruit (veg?) before, but I think it’s supposed to be a lower fat version of an avocado. I shook it and it sounded like it had a big, loose pit in the middle. Interesting!
Beyond fruits & veggies, they offer the basic grocery items, as well as a deli and prepared food sections. I purchased some homemade pickled beets from the prepared area. Oh, how I love beeeeets!

Can you believe I got all this stuff for $15 bucks?! In case you were wondering (I’m sure you want to know about my groceries), I got: 4 bananas, a box of little tomatoes, mushrooms, 4 red delicious apples, 2 avocados, green leaf lettuce, milk, pickled beets, and sweet red peppers. Yummy 🙂

Admiring my basil bunch! It's my first time purchasing this wonderful smelling herb. Hmmm, what to cook?


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