Good day to all! It’s already been an early morning for me, waking at 7:30 to be ready for our garage door installer. I love when service people are actually on time- 8am on the dot and my doorbell rang!

Time to recap yesterday…it was such a fun day that I didn’t have time to post! It started off slow and steady with a lot of cooking/baking experimentation. For brunch, I made a tofu scramble with lots of veggies and topped it with feta. Mmmm feta makes it betta! A scramble is also a great way to use up leftover veggies and stuff that’s about to go bad.

My concoction contained: red onions, yellow pepper, corn, mushrooms, crushed tomatoes, tofu and some crushed red pepper, chili powder & paprika for spice. And of course, the feta on top made this dish!

Once I fueled up, I starting experimenting more with food and my new kitchen toys. We decided to keep all of our wedding gifts in boxes and unpack them in our new home, wherever that ended up being, so lately I’ve been testing out all kinds of fun stuff with my new Cuisinart Food Processor and Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, among other things.

Whole wheat pizza dough. See it rising?

Pizza dough ready to be baked

With the food processor, I made whole wheat pizza dough, which was SUPER easy. I used half for a pizza I’m gonna make soon and froze the rest for another time.

"Healthy" brownies

With the stand mixer, I whipped together Jillian Michaels’ “healthier” brownies since we all know I have no control when it comes to sweets. This way, I don’t feel as bad when I have a couple…or 5. These brownies are pretty good, but I think I over-mixed them because that machine is powerful, and I’m also going to have to find white whole wheat flour instead of the regular whole wheat because it makes a difference.

I worked up an appetite with all my cooking adventures so I did more experimenting, this time with peanut butter.

Dark chocolate & PB...match made in heaven!

I had seen this dark chocolate peanut butter on other blogs, but I didn’t want to buy a whole jar for fear of it being gone within a week. This individual packet was the perfect portion control and went great with my PB, grilled banana & honey sandwich.

Ooey gooey & delicious!

Served with some almond milk (my current fave non-dairy milk). Perfection.

It was a food heavy morning, so I switched it up a bit with some beer later on. Well, I didn’t drink any beer, but I attended a Shalom Pittsburgh happy hour at Hofbrauhaus. Shalom Pittsburgh is a very cool organization and a great way to meet other Jews around my age in the Pittsburgh area. I also enjoyed the venue with its cafeteria-like style and giant beer mugs, especially because it’s modeled after the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich, which I’ve also visited. I met some great people, even other ex-Detroiters, and enjoyed dinner with them afterward at Tusca. I really liked the South Side Works area where the restaurant & beer garden was located. There were a bunch of chain retailers that I like, including Urban Outfitters, Cheesecake Factory, and Steve Madden (where I may have purchased some awesome wedge sandals). I will be visiting again! What a great day 🙂

South Side Works pedestrian walk


South Side Works shopping

New friends in front of Hofbrauhaus- Becca from Shalom Pittsburgh, future ex-Detroiter Lauren, me, and ex-Detroiter Jenn


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