2 Observations & 2 Loves

Good evening! Today has been another great day. I guess it’s hard not to have a good day when you don’t have many responsibilities and are only as busy as you make yourself. It started off with a leisurely morning and a tasty lunch of Bean, Rice & Cheese burritos from Costco with homemade pineapple chutney from the salsa guy (yes, there’s a salsa guy in the strip district!), next to veggies with spicy black bean dip.

In my opinion, the burritos are good to grab if you don’t have time to make lunch, and it was pretty filling, but I wouldn’t go for them too often. The pineapple chutney was awesome! Sweet and spicy, and added some really nice flavor to the burrito. Alright, no more day dreaming about salsa…
I learned some fun things today, starting off with some observations I’ve made while living here. #1- people don’t honk while driving nearly as much as they do at home. I wasn’t paying the most attention at a red light earlier and didn’t notice right away when it turned green, yet no one honked! I was shocked… #2- people smile a lot…just because. It seems that people are a bit friendlier here and generally have a better disposition. Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s just how things are. I certainly don’t mind smiling more!

Coffee Tree

For the 10 or so days we’ve been in Pitt, I’ve visited Squirrel Hill a lot (I like to meet the Jews). I have been to The Coffee Tree 3 times now, and I had my first encounter with a four way red-light stop in Squirrel Hill. All the lights at the intersection were red to allow pedestrians to freely walk across the street, or in most cases, diagonally!

Diagonal Pedestrians


Since I’ve been frequenting this area, I also had to visit Razzy Fresh again for some delicious frozen yogurt! Today’s treat was nonfat NY cheesecake flavor with a sprinkling of semi-sweet & white chocolate chips, brownie bits, and a dusting of crushed graham crackers:

While I am becoming a little obsessed with Razzy Fresh, it’s not one of the two loves I’m referring to in the title of this post. Those spots are reserved for spinning classes and my new favorite grocery store. So spinning class was great today, especially because yesterday’s class was full by the time I got there (must be AT LEAST 10 minutes early to snag one of 15 bikes…), but I feel like it’s not as hard as I remember it being in college. Maybe I’m in better shape now, or maybe it was because we had a kind of drill sergeant Asian girl as our instructor in school. Either way, I love the class but I miss it being led by a little girl that could easily kick my a**.
And on to my next love…East End Food Co-op. It’s a natural foods store that incorporates lots of volunteers and supplies mostly organic, locally grown produce, bulk bins galore, a small vegetarian kitchen, and the usual dry, refrigerated, and freezer sections. The produce was a little pricey for my tastes, but I LOVE the bulk bins and spices sections.

Smell the Spices

Bulk Bins!

I also got excited by the veg/vegan salad bar, hot bar, and soup selection. My purchases there definitely inspired dinner for the evening:

Peking Seitan & Roasted Potatoes

Mini Burgers on Challah Rolls

I feasted on Peking Seitan from the hot bar and made Eric some mini burgers with fresh Challah rolls bought from East End. We were both very happy!

A pictureful blog post tonight. Hope you enjoyed! (Sorry for the weird formatting, I’m still learning.)


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