No, my mind is not spinning, but I am very excited for the Y’s spinning class tonight! Oh how I’ve missed free(ish) exercise classes. Anywho, just thought I’d do a quick post before it’s time to sweat my butt off. Today was another productive day! Although I think those are going to start slowing down as I have NOTHING planned in the near future. This morning started with a rush hour drive toward the city, which could have been worse I suppose. I had a meeting and got to learn more about this wonderful community, after which I perused around Squirrel Hill some more and did a little shopping at the kosher grocery store. I didn’t buy much because, let’s face it, their prices are inflated, but some stuff (dry beans/grains, choc. chips! & borscht…random combo) was OK by my standards. After that, I did some much needed returning and shopping at Kohls & BBB and got some new watch batteries for Eric’s growing collection…very exciting, I know. But it certainly feels good to finish errands that have been looming over my head for a little while. I also made a tasty bean burrito/veggie burger wrap for lunch with these versatile wraps I found at Costco. Even Eric digs ’em (preferably as pizza)! While munching, I caught up on the Next Food Network Star & My Boys! I love My Boys but it had been MIA for awhile, so I’m so glad to see it back on TV.

Well, time to spin!


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