Time for More

…Pics that is! Here is what our second floor looks like:

Master bedroom (my side)

Eric's side...a work in progress!

(Mini) Master bath

My side of our shared office

Eric's side of the office

Upstairs hallway with wedding memorabilia

The place is coming together and we’re pretty happy about it. Today has been a nice, relaxing one so far. We were planning on going to Eric’s school’s open house earlier, but temporary terrential downpours halted our plans. So instead, he did some hardware shopping while I watched bits of The Pacifier and Juno and cooked up some veggie burgers. Then we signed up at the YMCA and I got a nice workout in. I think I’m gonna like the YMCA a lot, but I’m bummed that I probably won’t ride my bike there due to the ridiculous hills and curvy roads…oh well, at least they have spinning! I’m SO excited to start taking workout classes again. I loved my gym back home because it was close and super cheap but I missed those fitness classes. They’re always a fun way to switch up my boring elliptical routine and they force me to work HARD! The other gym across from the Y also offers real kickboxing classes (wraps, gloves & punching bags!) twice a week so I think I’ll try that out, too. Now the plan is to do some leisurely reading, ahhhh.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend, too!


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