Picture Time!

Another great day was had by all! Well, maybe Eric didn’t enjoy all the reading he had to do, but I sure had fun! I managed to wake up early and get my day started with a little stretching/my version of meditation. Then I met an ex-Detroiter for a day of exploring and excellent tour guiding. She showed me a great veg restaurant called The Quiet Storm, where I feasted on some kind of delicious tofu sandwich with a side salad, all homemade! We needed some energy for the adventures we had in the Strip District next. Sorry, I must be an immature little kid but I think of one thing when I hear “the strip district.” My vision was wrong, however, and instead I was pleased to see busy streets lined with cute little shops, a farmers market on the weekends, and some great foodie stores. And we actually found free parking! Also found was an awesome cheese shop where I purchased some out of this world spicy cheddar! We visited the fish market for some beautiful salmon, perused the fresh veggies at the farmers market, and walked the aisles of the confusing, yet very cool Asian market.

Did I mention that it was freakin hot while we were out today?! So I promptly crashed on my comfy bed for an afternoon nap with the kitty 🙂 After I woke, I feasted on some yummy veggies with spicy black bean dip and lite blue cheese dressing.

Then I used the salmon from the market for dinner, along with green beans & mushrooms and mashed potatoes with some spicy cheddar in the mix. Delish!

Mmmm delicious & nutritious!

Adorable hubs enjoying dinner

Adorable future Dr. hubs cleaning up after my mess 🙂

And now for the highlight of the night….pics of our new place! It’s still a work in progress, but we like it.

Welcome to Chez Rosenbaum! Meet our moose...

Opposite view of the foyer

Living room

View of dining area from living room

Dining table & view into kitchen (ketubah on the right wall)

Small but mighty kitchen

A well stocked pantry!

Pics of the second floor and more to come soon! For now, it’s goodnight!


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