Feel The Burn

Today was a great day! I love days when I feel accomplished and can go to bed knowing I’ve done something productive rather than just sitting on my pretty behind. So this morning I explored the Squirrel Hill area of Pitt, better known as Jewtown. Apparently, Squirrel Hill is the center of Jewish life in Pittsburgh, and there was no mistaking that on my drive through. I saw beautiful synagogues, Jewish schools, a kosher butcher, and many people that I assumed were Jewish (sometimes, you just know). I met a couple of great people in the community and walked away with a grocery bag full of materials to read up on about the various Jewish organizations in the area. I guess I’m not the only one who has homework…did I forget to mention that Hubs has a quiz over 4 chapters on Tuesday and he hasn’t even started class yet?! Med school is crazy!

Sooo after walking around Squirrel Hill a bit and feasting on some delicious fro-yo from Razzy Fresh (where do they come up with these names?!), I had to return something at IKEA. That must have been the shortest trip I’ve ever taken to that monster of a store! Someone I talked to today said she always walks away from IKEA with “swirly brain” because that place puts you in a haze. Think about…it’s true! The next monster store I visited was Costco right down the street, and I definitely did some damage. Some of my favorite shops like Trader Joe’s and Costco aren’t as convenient to me now, so I’m gonna have to make it worthwhile when I do make it there. Speaking of TJ’s, that was my last stop of the day. Along the way, I drove through downtown Pitt and wandered (by car) through the college area, the museum district, and all kinds of beautiful scenery. It made me happy, and that’s always a good feeling to have.

To end my successful day, the Hubs and I did some grilling and cooking and baking, oh my! Everything went pretty smoothly until I tried to do something with a hot pepper that I didn’t think was that hot. I learned the hard way that touching those things and then touching ANYTHING ELSE is a bad, bad idea. My nose, eye, and fingers have all burned at one point and I still can’t seem to wash the residue off my fingers. Slight burn as I type…weird.

Tomorrow’s to-do list consists of signing up at the YMCA and feeling the burn in a not-so-painful-hot-pepper kind of way!


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