Sweet Potato

The highlight of my day was probably dinner, when I got to bust out my food processor to make sweet potato chips and a veggie burger with sweet potato, black beans, corn, and panko bread crumbs! It’s the little things in life that excite me I guess…that’s because the first half of the day was loooooong and filled with paperwork. It started off well with a visit to a gym in the area and a free personal training consultation, but then came a stop at the drivers license center, or whatever PA’s equivalent of the DMV is, to get PA licenses. And THEN, we spent about an hour at AAA getting PA license plates, transferring titles, getting registration and EZ passes, AND we’re not even done yet. There was an issue with Eric’s title that he has to resolve before he can get his PA license and registration, and after all that’s settled, we both have to get the emissions checked on our cars. PA has some interesting rules & regulations!

On the upside, our stuff is almost all unpacked and our townhouse is becoming a home. I can’t wait to get some good pictures! I also can’t wait to get used to the hills around where we live. There are so many windy roads that go up and down and all around…I am not looking forward to winter! It’s pretty now, but not so much when the roads are covered with ice and snow. Well, I guess I’ll worry about that later. Now it’s time to finish our office!


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