First Post

I’m jumping into the blog world! I’ve been enamored with a few blogs these past few months, and they’ve helped me get through this crazy, yet exciting time in my life.

2010 has been an awesome year so far and I can’t wait to document what’s to come. In May, I got married to the most amazing, smart, handsome, funny, and caring guy ever! We had a fantastic honeymoon in San Juan and on a Southern Caribbean cruise. Then, as a nice surprise, we found out about a week after getting home that Hubs got into medical school! So we had less than a month to pack up our stuff, visit Greensburg, PA to see Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) and find a place to live in the Pittsburgh area.

Now, we’re here! I’m a motor city girl from the Detroit area living in the steel city of Pittsburgh. We’ve been here a couple days and have been doing A LOT of unpacking! Who knew we had so much crap…Other adventures have included transferring and updating insurance (BLAH) and exploring area grocery stores. I’ve shopped at Shop N Save (good for some sales), Giant Eagle (pretty good overall), and McGinnis Sisters (best PRODUCE!!). And of course, we’ve done some pizza tasting in the short time we’ve been here- Vocelli’s is not worth it, but Fox’s Pizza Den is delicious! Next on the list is figuring out this whole thing that is a new license, emissions checks on our cars, transferring titles and all the other fun car-related stuff.


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